Key Registration

A replacement key service is available. For security reasons, replacement keys will only be issued to users who have retained proof of purchase or have previously registered their key number via this website, by email or by post at the time of purchase.

In the event of key loss or additional keys being required, replacement keys can be purchased by going to our Online Store.

Please note this is NOT an emergency or express service. Keys will be sent by standard airmail and you should typically allow up to 4 weeks for delivery (longer for more remote destinations). On certain occasions keys matching your required code may not be immediately available, in which case there will be a short delay before your keys are sent. On extremely rare occasions keys with your required code may no longer be available. It is therefore strongly recommended you separate the keys immediately after purchasing the product and keep one key in a safe place or with another trusted person, and only rely upon the replacement key service when time is NOT of the essence.

Key Registration Form

    Please make sure you complete all sections on the form before submitting otherwise your registration will be incomplete.