ComputaLock Alarm

ComputaLock Alarm
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• 2.4m (8ft) long cable* – 4mm (1/6″) diameter
• 120 Decibel siren helps to deter thieves and attract attention

• Flashing LED deterrent
• Cable fixing plates (x3) and ‘super weld bond adhesive’ included
• Brackets enable main lock unit to be mounted to a wall, floor or table
• Random or ‘Keyed Alike’ locks available
• Requires 1 x 9 volt battery
• Battery fits inside a tamper proof compartment
• Dimensions: 14cm x 7.5cm x 5cm (5.5″ x 3″ x 2″)
• Weight: 420g (15oz)

* other cable lengths available by custom order

Item # 1911

The ComputaLock Alarm is a specially adapted version of the Cable Lock Alarm that comes supplied with cable fixing plates and “super weld bond” adhesive so as to allow desktop computers and computer peripherals to be secured and alarmed from theft.

The ComputaLock Alarm protects your computers 24 hours a day, even when they are in use. If an attempt is made to cut through its ultra hard steel cable, or attack the main lock unit, the alarm starts screaming!

The ComputaLock Alarm is very easy to use. The cable fixing plates attach to your equipment using the “super weld bond” adhesive, and the cable passes through the fixing plates to secure. Tamper proof brackets enable the main Lock Alarm unit to be mounted to a wall, floor or table, anchoring your items to a fixed point. Once installed, it remains “on” permanently and does not need to be switched off in order to use the equipment. Should items need to be removed temporarily this can be done quickly and easily by the authorised key holders.

Also ideal for protecting Televisions, Plasma Screens, Digital Projectors, Audio Systems, Office Machines, Exhibition Displays etc.

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