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Item #5676

The PortaSafe is different from other safes. Whilst it can be used like a conventional safe in the home or office it can also be taken with you when travelling on business or vacation. Weighing just 2.7kg (6lbs) its clever compact design (38cm x 33cm x 24cm / 15” x 13” x 9.5”) means it is small enough to easily carry yet large enough to securely store items such as camcorders, cameras, laptop computers, jewelry, passports, cash and important documents.

The PortaSafe has a unique patented construction, combining a tough and durable outer casing with a steel inner chassis to offer extremely high resistance to attack. An ultra hard steel cable designed to help resist cutting and sawing enables you to anchor the safe to a fixed secure point such as a post, railing, water pipe, bed frame, vehicle chassis or heavy furniture to prevent unauthorised removal. What is more, the PortaSafe also features a powerful 120 decibel alarm to deter thieves and attract attention if an attempt is made to cut the cable or the safe door is tampered with.

A foldaway handle in the top makes carrying the PortaSafe extremely easy, and for longer treks or when your hands are full the plastic coated anchorage cable can double up as a shoulder carry strap. It requires a 9 volt Alkaline battery which fits inside an internal tamper proof compartment and which will last for many months of use.